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Usernname = Student ID
Password = 4-digit birth year
Go to Resources.
Scroll down to tutor.com (if you go straight to tutor.com, it isn't free)
It's free for all CMS students (regardless of whether or not they have a library card).

Link to Histology Lab:

Class Transpiration Data:

Plant Anatomy:

Plant Natural History:

Plant Transport:

Plant Growth:

Plant Nutrition:

Plant Science Project:

Ecology Project:

Final Anatomy Project:

IA Rubric

IA Suggested Format & Notes

Sample IA

Bonus Project for Ecology Unit
-bonus = counts as an extra formal grade
-will be due sometime in mid-October (more specific date will be given when we start school)

Bonus Project: Second Quarter

-due after Winter Break

Bonus Project: Third Quarter

Bonus Project: Fourth Quarter
Create a t-shirt (markers on an old t-shirt is more than sufficient)
A visual from each of the following units must be on the shirt to obtain full credit:
-Digestive system
-Circulatory system
-Respiratory system
-Nervous system
-Excretory system
-Reproductive system
-Immune system
-Muscles & joints
*t-shirt must be worn in all classes throughout the day
*students must obtain teacher signatures from each class (Mrs P has the form for them to sign ... pick one up in her room)
*signature sheet must be turned in (completed) to receive credit

Internal Assessment Proposal:

Heart Videos:**
Heart & Blood Flow

Heart & Electrical Impulses

The Heart Song