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Seniors 2018-2019

Plant Science Project:

Ecology Project:

Final Anatomy Project:

IA Rubric

IA Suggested Format & Notes

Sample IA

Bonus Project for Ecology Unit
-bonus = counts as an extra formal grade
-will be due sometime in mid-October (more specific date will be given when we start school)

Bonus Project: Second Quarter

-due after Winter Break

Bonus Project: Third Quarter

Bonus Project: Fourth Quarter
Create a t-shirt (markers on an old t-shirt is more than sufficient)
A visual from each of the following units must be on the shirt to obtain full credit:
-Digestive system
-Circulatory system
-Respiratory system
-Nervous system
-Excretory system
-Reproductive system
-Immune system
-Muscles & joints
*t-shirt must be worn in all classes throughout the day
*students must obtain teacher signatures from each class (Mrs P has the form for them to sign ... pick one up in her room)
*signature sheet must be turned in (completed) to receive credit

Internal Assessment Proposal:

Heart Videos:**
Heart & Blood Flow

Heart & Electrical Impulses

The Heart Song